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  - Wine Red Oc Country

Vintage Fancy:

A fruity wine with a juicy, tasty attack a mouth full, perfect for everyday meals, Epicureans and lovers of good artisan meats, wild boar terrine, roast lamb on the spit, braised quail with grapes, skewers apricot gizzards ... the perfect expression of the wine of pleasure.

- AOP Corbières:

  Cuvée  Rosé  

Elegant, fruity finesse, this wine is characterized by a cool color with currant tints.

  The fine nose evokes summer berries.

An indispensable companion for appetizers, fine fish, roast turbot into sections and butter sauce with herbs, scallops Jacques au gratin with Japanese seaweed or summer barbecues such as ribs grilled with vine shoots, lacquered honey scrubland .


"Cuvée Adventure": red aged in vats

Refined, harmonious, with intense aromas of red fruits.

Tannic and fruity, the "Adventure" is an ideal wine to serve with a range chicken casserole, a goose breast or grilled duck shoots to a veal chop with grilled or exotic cooking.

Cuvée « Trois Seigneurs » : red aged in vats

The Three Lords Aiguilloux, old Carignan, Syrah and Grenache aged in oak barrels, commemorate the three Lords, whose territories were joined at the top of our natural arena at the "Terminal Three Lords". A trip back in time in an elegant and powerfu wine.

Service with a side of beef marrow or game in sauce. A roast guinea fowl accompanied by beautiful mushrooms and shallot confit.

- AOP Corbières BOUTENAC

 Cuvée « Anne-Georges » : red aged in barrels

Let the charm act on this beautiful vintage. The quintessence of our old Carignan vines (over 65 years), is expressed here on spices, ripe black fruit goods, very elegant first sip, followed by a beautiful harmony.

  Ample and long finish, well-integrated oak and a peppery finish evokes our scrublands, bordering the plots of the terroir of Boutenac.

  A nice balance begging to grow in line with tasty dishes like venison sauce huntsman, squab farmer André Malraux, hare royale.